Viblix Web TV Network Is Now Truly Italian


Viblix Offers a New Way of Watching TV Online, Now Available With Personalized Video Watching Experience, Plus a Massive Variety of TV Programs And Shows

Viblix, the Italian popular free online television network, today announced a new TV channel online – Oltre TV, displaying dozens of popular TV shows daily in Italian language, in addition to the great range of existing Web TV channels.

Viblix Web TV Network offers a new way of watching TV online for free without registration, with the personalized approach to view your favourite tv programs, giving its users the ability to enjoy sport TV channels, news, art and culture, comedy and TV shows, TV series reviews and films trailers in HD video streaming in the way with the instant access across PCs, tablets, smartphones. The best movies reviews from the famous bloggers, top TV shows, documentaries, independent films, stand-up comedies, lifestyle, entertainment TV programs and a wide range of kids’ TV programs are now available to watch instantly on Viblix.

Oltre TV Channel is now online and available in Italian and include such popular TV Shows as Eight Rooms, Il meglio di… Eight Rooms, Finale Eight Room, La Moric a Sardara per ‘Eight Rooms’  Luigi Mario Favoloso, and Giovanni Angiolini e Mary Falconieri, Mario Ermito Eight Rooms, Alex Belli Eight Rooms, and many more.

Children and parents will find a wide selection of TV programs with Coming Soon Kids TV Channel including Cicogne in missione Trailer, Animali Fantastici e dove trovarli Speciale, Trolls Trailer, Kubo e la spada magica Trailer and more added daily.

Car lovers will find the best Auto TV Channels with Viblix, such as Lotus Cup Channel TV, Rossocorsa Racing TV, V8 Canale and more video programs offering special coverage and broadcasting of live TV events in Monza, Lotus Cup Italia 2016, On Race TV, Bobb Gear, car racing in Monza, Formula 1, Mauro Valli, Car History, Ferrari and Maserati Programs and more.

Viblix TV also offers a great entertainment experience for women with Make Up TV Channel, Bice TV, La TV Dei Viaggi, also lifestyle and music for all viewers with Gil TV, Italian Television Network, Teos TV, Video Top Channel and Music n Roads TV Channel Online, with many videos also available in high-definition.

Film and cinema lovers will truly enjoy the Movie TV Online channels such as Cinema Hits, Cinecitta 3, iVid TV, ScreenWeek TV Channel, Movimento TV, adding new titles and interviews daily. Violetta Rocks will passionately guide through the top box films with great reviews of movies to watch in cinema or at home with ScreenWeek TV. Great collection of movie trailers and TV Series with iVid TV channel giving a greater choice to add to own film or web series taste, also in HD video streaming.

People can view Viblix Web TV Network channels for free at


Viblix Web TV Network Is Now Truly Italian

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