Viblix vs Netflix? Rivoluzione del Web TV continua in Italia?


Viblix, a new web tv network has just re-launched its video streaming platform to make video viewing a pleasant, fast loading, social and SEO friendly experience. What’s different now: Viblix is moving away from the classical TV approach, when the users should see what has been scheduled by the editors. Now the users choose what they would like to watch, any time, every day. This way Viblix enhanced the TV revolution, following the famous Netflix, YouTube and other Video On Demand TV platforms.

The difference between Netflix and Viblix is that Viblix is offering a wider range of video programs for all: sport, news, fashion, cars, kids tv programs, movie trailers, travel, entertainment, music, documentaries, short films in streaming, events, makeup video tips from the experts, luxury dining and recipes, and much more. Currently, the service has been successfully launched just in Italy, however, the service is available all around the world.

Viblix has already established a loyal audience through the engaging and constantly updated video content and daily editor’s choice suggestions by categories.

Here I would like to mention some web TV channels available at Viblix, that I like the most:

Obviously, there are more tv channels and video programs to watch, just mentioned some of my interest.

Enjoy the tv revolution!


Viblix vs Netflix? Rivoluzione del Web TV continua in Italia?

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